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Innovative approach towards trending issues in global poultry production – Part 2

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and historic inflation rise has impacted worldwide economies is well-known with energy and protein prices soaring every day. Not many are aware how the war has disrupted the availability of raw material for animal nutrition. Therefore, ever than before there is need of sustainable additives to utilize most from the feed and increase the profit margins.

Feed additives help improving the efficiency of feed utilization and thus reducing the high cost of feed. Now days, use of herbal feed additives are gaining importance in poultry production due to ban on use of certain antibiotics because of their harmful residual effects.

In addition, herbal preparations help in the digestion process and being a component of nature, these preparations are considered safe, cost effective and environment friendly with no side effect. Hence, their inclusion in the diet is encouraged to enhance the bird’s performance, improve feed utilization, maintain health and alleviate adverse effect of environmental stress.

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Vincholine is a natural choline supplement produced from Tinospora cordifolia, Andrographis paniculata, and Terminalia chebula, which is recognized in Ayurvedic Medicine. It has high content of choline in its esterified phosphatidylcholine form, free choline and sphingomyelin with high bioavailability. It can be an important alternative to the use of synthetic choline chloride. The results have shown that Vincholine can replace choline chloride in the poultry diets.

Biological significance

  • Restores growth retardation and improves FCR
  • Manages clinical signs like Slipped tendon and Perosis
  • Improves liver metabolism and prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Essential metabolite for building and maintaining cell structure regulates integrity and porosity of cartilage matrix and also helps faster recovery from diseases
  • Necessary for formation of acetylcholine (Neurotransmitter)
  • Source of labile methyl groups for the formation of methionine from homocysteine and creatine from guanidoacetic acid Higher choline bioavailability growth retardation Improved FCR Prevent FLS & Perosis

In field conditions, herbal choline demonstrated better performance than choline chloride in utilising the energy value of the feed, preventing fatty liver, and consequently improving feed efficiency and production performance.

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Poultry red mite can cause various problems that lead to reduced growth rates of poultry and lower production levels of eggs by as much as 20%. Poultry red mite can lead to lesions in meat, poor egg shell integrity and egg spotting.

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Limiter is a stable combination of plant derived oils designed on a pragmatic approach of reducing mites through a multipronged strategy. The key elements of Limiter for mite management are derived from Eucalyptus oil, Camphor, and Basil herb extracts. Its herbal nature makes Limiter easy to use, and one of the safest products in the market. Limiter works with effective triple way mode of action i.e. gustatory avoidance, olfactory repellency, and contact toxicity.

Due to Limiter Red Mite’s physical mode of action, it offers fast control of mites and stops them by disrupting their complete life cycle. This means birds are mite free for longer time period and faster than some alternative chemical controls. Bird welfare is key in achieving good profits.

To meet the increasing demand and keep the livestock and poultry product prices reasonable, KIFAY supported feed millers and poultry integrators in enduring times by increasing their profit margins.

KIFAY, is a blend of synergistic herb extract. The feed additive is used for improving FCR and weight gain. KIFAY plays a unique role in amino acid absorption, protein biosynthesis in liver and improving protein retention in the birds. It upregulates hepatic IGF 1 levels and activates muscle protein synthesis. The other combination of polyphenols and flavonoids increase digestive secretions which helps in nutrient metabolism and absorption.

KIFAY plays a pivotal role in sustaining the ever escalating feed commodity prices, saving human grade food and growing profitable animal produce in the blue times.

There is also a higher interest from the consumer in organic poultry production and a great demand for natural and healthier products. In this context, the use of natural supplements has become a promising alternative to synthetic additives.

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