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VINAYAK is one of the largest producers of herbal feed supplements in India. We manufacture our products at internationally certified feed plants with crucial stages of analysis during storage, production, packaging, and transport. This also includes intensive testing of the products for their best-desired results.

The supplements have been tested for their suitability and safety with the feed constituents and animals. The richness of active phytochemicals has made the inclusion levels at least to earn more profit to farmers by reducing the feed expenses. Consistent in-vivo & in-vitro tests are conducted to upgrade and improve product stability, storage period, and administration in the most convenient way like through water and/or feed.

Cattle feed supplements are meticulously designed for increasing Milk and Beef Production, Immune Status. Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Rumen Stabilizers for maintaining the health status of animals for their best performance.

Innovative Products

Protein Optimiser


A natural feed additive that maintains the anabolic state of the animal in isoenergic diets

Amino Acid Optimiser


MYOGENA is an amino acid optimizer that improves protein turnover. It reduces amino acid wastage and directs proteogenic nutrition to improve performance.

Area Specific Mineral Mixture


HerboCAL is a specially designed product for quick and sustained calcium supplementation. It improves the calcium availability by increasing the blood serum calcium levels at me when calcium demand is high.

Fat Enhancers


VINYEAST – P is a unique combination of Live Yeast Culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and Propionibacteria (Propionibacterium freudenrechii). This novel combination influence ruminal metabolism by manipulating fermentation and ruminal productivity.

Calf Immunity Builder


NEOSTART is an innovative product specially formulated to support healthy immune function, normal gut health, and proper digestion in new-born calves.

Milk Hygiene Precursors


RECOMAST is a sustainable remedial product of herbal combinations having an an-bacterial, an-inflammatory, analgesic, and immunomodulatory properties. The active phytocompounds in RECOMAST have immune- portending effect to enhance udder immunity and also augments the rapid recovery of mammary glands.

General Products

Calf Immunity Builders


CALFVIN is a novel calf milk replacer formulated correctly from some good-quality ingredients. It contains a variety of ingredients targeted for proper daily supplementation and the energy requirement of calves.

Toxin Binder


A unique combination of high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mold inhibitors, and anti-fungal elements along with lipotropic agents makes VINSORB–BIO a very effective binder for high levels of toxins and where the nature of toxin is unknown or its presence uncertain.

Vinmos Cattle

Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) based nutritional supplements, derived from the cell wall of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is widely used in animal nutrition.

Area Specific Mineral Mixture


CHELRUMIN provides a perfect balance between the needs and limits of trace minerals. It is designed as per the recommendations for optimum reproductive and production performance.

Negative Energy Balance Correctors


Negative Energy Balance (NEB) is a common occurrence affecting at least 80% of dairy cows. NEB is a result of insufficient energy intake (usually caused by a depression of appetite) relative to requirements resulting in lipolysis, and to some extent, proteolysis to compensate for the energy deficit.

Anorexia Restorers


VINYEAST composition is 90 – 97 percent dry matter and can contain from 30 to 45 percent crude protein nitrogen, 25 – 35 percent carbohydrates, and 3 – 7 percent lipids.


Vinmos Cattle

Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) based nutritional supplements, derived from the cell wall of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is widely used in animal nutrition.



Flavour Fresh is a sense feed additive that can improve and make better taste and smell in feed, increase feed intake, promote feed to be digested and absorbed by provoking gustation and olfaction of the animal.