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Extensive loss in poultry due to GI complaints and implementation of strict laws against the use of harmful synthetic drugs or antibiotics is creating a demand for an alternative disease control resource. There is a vital need to look for new feed additives that can enhance the gut health and productivity of birds along with reducing the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGP). Natural Growth Promoters (NGP) such as phytobiotics (essential oils, extracts, and phytochemicals), probiotics, prebiotics, organic acid, and miscellaneous compounds have been found to be promising alternatives. For such poultry farmers searching for an antibiotic replacement, HERBOFLOXIN is a unique micro-emulsified formulation containing phytoactive ingredients which resist colonization of pathological microflora, improving intestinal morphology and nutrient absorption.

Mechanism of Action

– Phytoconstituents of antibacterial nature target gut pathogens including important zoonotic bacteria

– Improved gastrointestinal microclimate favors better digestibility and uptake of nutrients

– A slightly acidic pH in the gut helps colonization by gut commensals and resist pathogen attachment

– An immunomodulant effect improves tolerance to pathogenic biotics and reduces stress

– Positive effect on Hemopoietic system improves efficient muscle oxidation and feed conversion

Benefits of Herbofloxin

– Increase in liveability

– Corrects gut dysbacteriosis

– Anti-inflammatory action on gut

– Better dressed weight

– Water disinfection


– 250-500 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water

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