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VINAYAK is one of the largest producers of herbal feed supplements in India. We manufacture our products at internationally certified feed plants with crucial stages of analysis during storage, production, packaging, and transport. This also includes intensive testing of the products for their best-desired results.

The supplements have been tested for their suitability and safety with the feed constituents and animals. The richness of active phytochemicals has made the inclusion levels at their least to earn more profit to farmers by reducing the feed expenses. Consistent in-vivo & in-vitro tests are conducted to upgrade and improve product stability, storage period, and administration in the most convenient way like through water and/or feed.

Innovative Products


TENDERO is a unique combination of phytoactive compounds designed to inhibit the onset of muscle abnormalities or alleviate the severity of symptoms.


Poor eggshell quality is a huge hidden cost to the egg producer. Estimates are that more than 3% of eggs produced in the hen house are uncollectible or break before intended use. SHELLVIN positively influences the formation of the shell ultrastructure.


Dynamic – α is an herbal blend of phytoconstituents that increase the bioavailability of Vitamin D.


NEPHRONOVA is a unique combination of nephromodulators, gout-preventing herbs, and diuretics specifically designed for flushing out the urate depositions and restoring the uric acid metabolism.


OLIGOS is a specially designed indigestible and soluble dietary fibres to provide health benefits upon farmed animals and suitable to all growth stages.


Herbofloxin eliminates chemicals such as water sanitizers, pH regulators, feed disinfectants, and antibiotics from livestock production. It improves gut immune barriers to resist colonization by pathological microflora.


BIOCOCCIN is a combination of phytochemicals with the diverse mechanisms of action on multiple species of Eimeria.


MucoFort, herbal feed supplement. It is a microemulsion form of various phytoconstituents that prevents viral or bacterial penetration of the mucosal barrier thus acting as a potent disease preventive system


RETENTIO is an effective option to improve moisture retention in the finished feed. It reduces the surface tension of water, allowing better penetration and improved distribution.


LIMITER is a stable combination of plant-derived oils designed on a pragmatic and rational approach of reducing mites through a multipronged strategy. It induces gustatory avoidance, olfactory repellency and also has biopesticidal properties of contact and vapor toxicity.

General Products


ORGANOVIN strikes a perfect balance between the needs and limits of trace mineral nutrition.


VINEMULSI, a unique and carefully controlled combination of Lysophospholipids, phospholipids, and glycolipids which makes it a natural emulsifier, stands as a perfect solution, as it provides benefits across all the type of fats and dietary energy density.

Essentiolitt I

It is a multifaceted natural control program having selective insect control which ensures selective action.


Herbo-C is a natural source of vitamin C for birds that act as an immunomodulator and stress-buster in birds.


VINMOS is one such important dietary intervention that plays several important roles in animal metabolism to provide the best cost/benefit ratio. The major roles of Vinmos are enlisted below.


PROLIFOS is utilized by Lactobacillus, the high availability of PROLIFOS is associated with specific enzymatic activity and the oligosaccharide transport system of Lactobacillus species.


NOVAPRO is specifically designed for breeders, layers, and broilers to help minimize the challenges of intestinal disturbances.


A unique combination of high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mould inhibitors, and anti-fungal elements along with lipotropic agents makes VINSORB – BIO a very effective binder for high levels of toxins and where the nature of toxin is unknown or its presence uncertain.


It has been well demonstrated that the state of organic acids (non-dissociated or dissociated) is extremely important to define their capacity to inhibit the growth of bacteria.


A feed acidifier targeted to eliminate the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut of poultry. ZYMOff targets Salmonella, E. coli, and controls the shedding of the same in the droppings.


Maintains cell functionality that leads to improved absorption of micro and macro minerals


A combination of liver enhancers and hepatoprotectant herbs in extract form stabilized for longer shelf life and potent standardized action to detoxify the liver and improve hepatic tissue regeneration.


VinCholine, is a “natural source of Choline” which can replace synthetic choline in the feed. The phytogenic active conjugates of choline in VinCholine have intrinsic bio‐actives on liver physiology and metabolism and ensure maximum bioavailability.


NUCLEOVIN is a potential immunomodulator that contains nucleotides, vitamin C, and probiotics that can activate immune system responses.


Vincon is a clay-based pelleting system with different selective value additions made as per the customer’s feed formulation.


Water Soluble Electrolytes Concentrate with Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C) for Poultry & Livestock


Larval control of flies in breeding substrates

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