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kifay - broiler growth booster - Herbal growth promoter for poultry - Improve FCR in poultry - natural growth booster for broilers - Vinayak Ingredients India

KIFAY is a poultry growth promoter. The phyto-actives of KIFAY improve amino acids absorption and retention in the body by influencing IGF 1 and stimulating digestive secretions. Due to its protein optimising properties, KIFAY can be used to reduce the feed cost by reducing the expensive protein sources in the feed.

Mechanism of Action

– It improves the uptake of amino acids from the blood into the cell

– It reduces the amino acids diverted to degradation which results in lesser amounts of nitrogen waste generation

– KiFAY works on improving the ileal amino acid digestibility by acting as a potent anti-inflammatory

Benefits of KiFAY

– Improve weight gain and FCR in poultry

– Reduce feed cost by balancing CP percent

– Improve amino acid absorption and retention

– Improve immunity and disease resistance

– Reduce catabolic stress

– Natural growth promoter for Poultry

– Better value on investment for feed millers and poultry integrators


– Poultry broilers – 2 kg per MT of feed

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