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VINAYAK is one of the largest producers of herbal feed supplements in India. We manufacture our products at internationally certified feed plants with crucial stages of analysis during storage, production, packaging, and transport. This also includes intensive testing of the products for its best-desired results.

The supplements have been tested for its suitability and safety with the feed constituents and animals. The richness of active phytochemicals has made the inclusion levels at its least to earn more profit to farmers by reducing the feed expenses. Consistent in-vivo & in-vitro tests are conducted to upgrade and improve product stability, storage period, and administration in the most convenient way like through water and/or feed.

Innovative Products


Protein Optimizer for high lean growth – METALEAN is a protein optimizer that improves protein synthesis by affecting the protein turnover rates.

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Piglet Milk Replacer – because a good start is vital in swine nutrition. Milk replacer based on skimmed milk powder with high nutrient content.

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Anti-Diarrheal – DIABOULARD, a unique combination of selected fatty acids with naturally occurring substances derived from herbs that possess strong anti-diarrheal properties also benefitted with medium-chain fatty acids and probiotics helps in controlling diarrhea from different origin.

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Holistic Herbal Respo-Relief – Naturally stimulates defense mechanism and functioning of the respiratory system.

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Quick Intervention for tail biting – CALMATROPE is a novel combination of synergic polyherbal formulations, serotonin precursors, muscle relaxants, and antioxidants. It is recommended for quick intervention in cases of abnormally aggressive behaviour to induce calming effect in domestic pigs.

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General Products


An Essential Component Of Productivity – Mannan-oligosaccharide (MOS) based nutritional supplements, derived from the cell wall of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is widely used in animal nutrition.

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Herbofloxin eliminates chemicals such as water sanitizers, pH regulators, feed disinfectants, and antibiotics from livestock production. It improves gut immune barriers to resist colonization by pathological microflora.

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