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Herbofloxin Logo - Antibiotic growth promoter replacer in India

For Swine farmers searching for an antibiotic replacement, HERBOFLOXIN is a unique micro-emulsified formulation containing phytoactive ingredients

Mechanism of Action

– Phytoconstituents of antibacterial nature target gut pathogens including important zoonotic bacteria

– Improved gastrointestinal microclimate favors better digestibility and uptake of nutrients

– A slightly acidic pH in the gut helps colonization by gut commensals and resist pathogen attachment

– An immunomodulant effect improves tolerance to pathogenic biotics and reduces stress

– Positive effect on Hemopoietic system improves efficient muscle oxidation and feed conversion

Benefits of Herbofloxin

– Increase in livability

– Corrects gut dysbacteriosis

– Anti-inflammatory action on gut

– Better dressed weight

– Water disinfection


– 500 to 1000 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water or as recommended by a veterinarian.

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