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For swine farmers seeking respiratory reliever, RELIEVO contains phytoactive compounds capable of relieving congestion along with having an immunomodulatory effect and having a long-lasting effect.

Mechanism of Action

Bronchodilatory action of RELIEVO widens the congested air passage and allows a pig to breathe normally during respiratory distress. The inflammatory discharge and fibrous exudates produced by damaged tissue in the lungs get expelled by the expectorant and anti-inflammatory actions of RELIEVO. Regenerating effects of Phyto-molecules restore the healthy mucin layer slowly and strengthen the primary barrier of the immune system. Phytogenic compounds of RELIEVO minimize the cough production in the lungs which also resolves the dyspnea and allows oxygen transfer through the alveolar wall. Additionally, the immunomodulatory and antimicrobial properties of herbs enhance the immune response of pigs

Benefits of Relievo

– Naturally stimulates defense mechanism and functioning of the respiratory system

– Works as a decongestant, antitussive, and expectorant

– Anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator in action

– Enhances healthy mucus secretion

– Improves oxygenation and reduces gasping

– Visible recovery within 5 days


– 1 ml per 5 kg of body weight until recovery

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