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Cattle Supplement

The ever-emerging industry of dairy and beef cattle continues to grow every year contributing global health and economy. Our cattle supplement range delivers benefits to the farmers directly and also to the finished feed manufacturers. The wide range of herbal performance and health products include, rumen modulators, milk boosters, organic minerals and acidifiers, probiotics and udder care feed supplements.

Swine Supplements

The basket of Swine includes unique supplements for improved weight gain, performance enhancers, gut health, cost per kg of growth, minerals, milk replacer, stress reliever, toxin binders, & probiotics. The cutting edge technology has allowed researchers for innovations like a potential natural alternative for beta-adrenergic agonist and piglet health supplements.

Aqua Supplements

The emerging fish and shrimp segment has become an integral part of farm income and consumers’ food. To fulfil the rising demand, challenges, and achieve sustainable growth; we offer several shrimp and fish supplements for growth, FCR, healthy hepatopancreas, vibrio infection, immunity, probiotic, toxin binders, and pond management.

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About Us

We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Natural Feed Supplements and Additives in India, catering to Global Market since 1977.

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Innovative Products

At Vinayak, we thrive to develop products that are game-changers to our industry. Our in-house research and development team evaluates the market and presents innovative solutions to the market.

General Products

With years of experience in product development and expertise in the usage of organic raw materials, we present natural alternatives over synthetic.


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