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Over recent years, Swine production has transformed into a very high capitalized industry. Till today, the major concern faced by swine producers and farmers is to make the best use of feed and its nutrients to produce high-quality lean meat. The pork producers around the world must efficiently produce the quality lean pork that consumers demand to remain competitive. Hence, lean growth rate, lean efficiency, and total production cost per unit of lean meat are important traits for the future. For swine farmers seeking lean meat, METALEAN is a protein optimizer that improves protein synthesis, produces extra lean meat per carcass, lowers nitrogen excretion, and helps to build market standard meat.

Mechanism of Action

The phytoconstituents in Metalean influence IGF-I which is one of the potent growth factors associated with a wide range of anabolic processes. The biological actions of IGF-I are controlled mainly through its cell-specific receptors. The active components of Metalean affect the expression of these receptors at the molecular level through m-RNA in cells, particularly in the stomach, duodenum, and muscle tissue. This IGF targeted mechanism triggered by Metalean has long-term effects on cell replication and differentiation in muscle tissue of finishing pigs.

Benefits of Metalean

– Uniform growth performance

– Improved Feed Efficiency by more than 12%

– Better pork quality scores color, firmness, marbling, etc.

– Reducing fat oxidation

– Improved carcass characteristics (like higher dressing percentage, lower backfat thickness, etc.)

– Extra-lean meat per carcass


– 2 kg per tonne of feed to achieve high lean growth in the finisher pigs

– It is also recommended to use METALEAN to achieve beer carcass traits like reduced backfat thickness and improved pork quality (with reference to color). OR As recommended by the veterinarian

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