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Avian coccidiosis is a deadly and debilitating infectious disease in poultry caused by obligate intestinal protozoan parasites belonging to the genus Eimeria. Current prophylaxis and therapy for coccidiosis comprise anticoccidial chemicals and vaccines. Although this strategy is cost-effective and successful, the presence of drug resistance and public demands for residue-free meat has encouraged the development of alternative control strategies. For poultry farmers searching for natural coccidiostat, BIOCOCCIN is a combination of phytochemicals having diverse mechanisms of action against multiple species of Eimeria and provides a long-term benefit. The active constituents in Biococcin suppress the developmental stages in the lifecycle of Eimeria by several mechanisms and help in the control of coccidiosis.

Mechanism of Action

BIOCOCCIN is a combination of phytochemicals with diverse mechanisms of action on multiple species of Eimeria. The active constituents suppress the developmental stages in the lifecycle of Eimeria sp. in several ways.

The anti-coccidial action of the Phyto-molecules involves the prevention of the release of the Eimeria sporozoites from the oocyst and its penetration in the intestinal epithelium i.e. mainly the Sporogony and Schizogony stages of the Eimeria cycle. Destruction of the Sporozoites prevents further damage to the intestine and reduces the oocyst shading.

The anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and healing properties of Allium, Cinnamomum, and Tinospora sp. herbs fasten the recovery of the damaged tissue and prevent secondary bacterial infections like Clostridium sp.

Benefits of BioCoccin

– Reduces the number of coccidia to keep the infection in check till immunity is established

– Reduces oocysts shedding

– Decreases intestinal inflammation

– Enhances immunity and antioxidant activity


– 500 g / tonne of feed

– OR As directed by a veterinarian

Poultry Coccidiosis: Associated Antibiotic Overuse & Effective Herbal Alternatives | Poultry Farming

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