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For poultry farmers seeking solutions for the fatty liver syndrome, VINCHOLINE has natural phytogenic active conjugates of choline having intrinsic bio-actives on liver physiology & metabolism and ensures maximum bioavailability.

Mechanism of Action

VinCholine, is a “natural source of Choline” which can replace synthetic choline in feed. The phyto-genic active conjugates of choline in VinCholine have intrinsic bio-activities on liver physiology and metabolism and ensure maximum bioavailability. It helps in regulating lipid and energy metabolism resulting in improved FCR, weight gain, and laying performance of the birds. It prevents fatty liver kidney syndrome and lameness conditions in birds.

Benefits of VinCholine

– Increases bioavailability of phosphatidylcholine and PUFA

– Direct target base action

– Improve in egg production, hatchability, and livability

– It also improves utilization of a high energy diet, together with better FCR and growth

– Does not produce toxic TMA

– 100% Natural, organic, and contains no substances hazardous to health


– Broilers & Breeders: 250 ‐ 350 g / MT of feed

– Growers, layers & Chicks: 100 ‐ 400 g / MT of feed

– Calves and Cows 150 ‐ 500 g / MT of feed

– Aqua Culture 350 ‐ 750 g / MT of feed

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