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The Russia-Ukraine conflict and historic inflation rise has impacted worldwide economies is well-known with energy and protein prices soaring every day. Not many are aware how the war has disrupted the availability of raw material for animal nutrition. Therefore, ever than before there is need of sustainable additives to utilize most from the feed and increase the profit margins.

Feed additives help improving the efficiency of feed utilization and thus reducing the high cost of feed. Now days, use of herbal feed additives are gaining importance in poultry production due to ban on use of certain antibiotics because of their harmful residual effects.

In addition, herbal preparations help in the digestion process and being a component of nature, these preparations are considered safe, cost effective and environment friendly with no side effect. Hence, their inclusion in the diet is encouraged to enhance the bird’s performance, improve feed utilization, maintain health and alleviate adverse effect of environmental stress.

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A unique micro-emulsified formulation of phytoactive ingredients such as Thymus vulgaris, Eucalyptus, Syzygium, and Citronella. Herbofloxin improves gut immune barrier to resist colonization by pathological microflora.

Thymol, eugenol, and essential oils inhibit enteropathogen like Salmonella and E. coli in the digestive tract. The improved gastrointestinal microclimate favors digestibility and uptake of feed nutrients. Phytomolecules with immunomodulatory effects stimulate growth of immune organs such as spleen, thymus and bursa, upregulating the function of lymphocytes, macrophages and natural killer cells.

The addition of Herbofloxin to drinking water supports digestion and metabolism in the body, stimulates the growth and development of a useful microbiome, limits the multiplication and adhesion of pathogens, and improves the morphology and functioning of enterocytes. Secondly, Herbofloxin reduces harmful intestinal load and ultimately prevents the meat contamination.

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Biococcin is a holistic combination of phytochemicals with diverse mechanism of action on multiple species of Eimeria. This active constituent suppresses the developmental stages in the lifecycle of Eimeria by several mechanisms, restricting the damage to intestinal cells and spread of the infection by several mechanisms mentioned below:

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Control coccidiosis in poultry -Natural coccidiostat for poultry-Coccidiosis in poultry-Vinayak
  • Prevention of oocyst development
  • Inhibition of sporulation
  • Inhibition of oocyst wall
  • Destruction of sporozoites in caeca
  • Stabilizing intestinal structure and decreasing inflammation
  • Stimulation of immune response and modulation

Furthermore, herbal extracts could improve recovery after coccidiosis. Flavonoids and other polyphenols have been reported to be responsible for most of the biological properties of the herbs, including the anticoccidial potential.