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For cattle farmers seeking ideal mineral management, CHELRUMIN contains chelated minerals which are better absorbed than inorganics and strike a perfect balance for mineral nutrition ideal for improving cattle health.

Mechanism of Action

Chelated minerals are readily soluble in the intestinal contents. This enables the minerals to be homogenously distributed in the digesta and are able to reach the absorbing surface of the intestine.
Chelated minerals are more stable in the digestive tract since it protects the metal from the antagonists present in the diet and from changes in the pH. The chelated minerals are more absorbable than the inorganic form since the coating of minerals neutralizes the charges of each inorganic mineral and prevents the formation of a complex in the intestine. Improved metabolic utilization chelated minerals improves metabolic uptake and decrease its elimination in feces.

Benefits of Chelrumin

– Fulfills all common trace minerals requirements and prevents scale from developing deficiency and metabolic diseases.

– Enhances resilience, antioxidant capacity, and immune system of cattle·

– Helps in maintaining homeostasis in stress and during peak milk production mineral-linked enzymes and proteins.

– Improves expressions of heat signs, fertility and conception rate in cows, and breeding performance in bulls.


– Large animals – 50g to 100g per head per body

– Small animals – 10g to 15g per head per day Or 0.5kg to 1kg per 100kg of feed

Or as recommended by a veterinarian


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