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Stress-Reducing Agents for Fish Aquaculture

In fish farming, practices such as extrusion of eggs, biometrics, transportation, and hypermobility impose a lot of stress on the fish. Additionally, the transport and processing of live fish for aquaculture and the aquarium trade leads to fish mortality or injury. In such cases, the use of anti-stress compounds and calming agents is essential to minimize stress, facilitate handling, and reduce the risk of injury to the fish. Anxiolytics work synergistically in fish farming, minimizing the intensity of stress imposed.

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For aqua farmers in need of sedating agents for fish, Aquaknock is a unique blend of phytoactive compounds along with other essential oils which interact with GABA receptors causing a loss of sensation, responsiveness, and loss of voluntary neuro-motor control having no side effects.

Mechanism of Action

Aquaknock’s is a unique micro emulsified formulation of phytoactive ingredients. It is designed for sedating fish as well as minimizing physiological stress, thus supporting its use in the management of fish.

Its eugenol content and other essential oils interact with GABA receptors in the nervous system of fish resulting in loss of sensation, responsiveness, and loss of voluntary neuro-motor control.

Benefits of Aquaknock

– Reduces stress

– Increases survivability

– Easy handling of fishes during vaccination and drug administrations

– Reduces transportation stress

– Easy harvesting, restraining, and handling of fishes


– 2.5 liter in 10,000 liters of water OR as recommended by aquaculture specialist

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