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For poultry farmers searching for ideal nutritional supplements, VINMOS contains mannan oligosaccharides which act as prebiotic, toxin binder, pathogen adherent, and immunomodulator.

Mechanism of Action

Vinmos being food for the probiotics promotes the proliferation of beneficial microflora and indirectly helps in the competitive exclusion of pathogens. Secondly, it is a highly effective organic adsorbent capable of binding a range of toxins at a wide pH range. Beta-glucans in Vinmos are natural stimulants of the innate immune system, it binds to the phagocytic cells to produce more cytokines. Additionally, it enhances nutrient absorption by supporting intestinal villi growth.

Benefits of VinMos

– Improves overall performance (feed intake, weight gain, FCR, etc.).

– Lowers enteropathogens in the gut and improves beneficial microflora.

– Prevents mycotoxicosis and reduces secondary harmful effects of mycotoxins.

– Stimulates immune response and boosts vaccine performance


– 500 g to 1 KG Per Metric Tonne.

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