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For poultry producers feed is always a major investment, and therefore there has always been a need for products that optimize nutrient uptake in poultry in order to reduce feed cost. VINEMULSI, a unique and carefully controlled combination of Lysophospholipids, phospholipids and glycolipids which makes it a natural emulsifier, stands as a perfect solution, as it provides benefits across all the types of fats and dietary energy density. By optimizing the three steps in lipid digestion, emulsification, hydrolysis with micelle formation, and nutrient absorption, VINEMULSI provides producers more consistent fat utilization response and improves animal performance.

Mechanism of Action

An emulsifier like VINEMULSI, when supplemented to animal feed, has the capacity to emulsify the fat of the feed in the stomach, leading to a reduced size of fat droplets.

At the small intestine, the reduced emulsion droplet created by the highly functional lysophospholipids contained in VINEMULSI results in an increased available surface for bile salts and lipases to interact. After lipid hydrolysis, the free fatty acids, monoglycerides, bile salts, and lysophospholipids are incorporated into the micelles. Lysophospholipids reduce the size of the micelles and stabilize them to a much higher extent compared to other emulsifiers / surfactants. Since lysophospholipids are naturally part of the micelles they are absorbed together with the fat hydrolysis products by the intestinal epithelium.

Benefits of VinEmulsi

– Improves feed conversion ratio and overall performance

– Enhances the absorption of nutrients from the gut

– High performance over the whole life cycle

– Increases average daily body weight gain

– Improves meat quality

– Reduces abdominal fat pads

– Helps manage feed cost-allows reformulating diets at a lower cost without compromising animal’s performance

– Reduces feed costs per body weight gain


– Poultry feed: 125 – 250 gm/tonne of feed

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