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The economic loss to the commercial layer industry is estimated to be about 5% – 7% loss of eggs at the farm and around 3% during transportation and handling. Any approach that aims to improve egg’s quality and safety is of limited value unless it can relate to the incidence of breakages in the field. For such poultry farmers incurring losses due to egg breakage, SHELLVIN is a unique blend of natural phytochemicals which modifies calcite crystals morphology thereby increasing texture and mechanical properties of eggshell.

Mechanism of Action

Apart from overcoming the deficiencies affecting eggshell quality, SHELLVIN positively influences the formation of the shell ultra-structure. SHELLVIN triggers the organic constituents (proteins) of the eggshell matrix to modify the morphology of calcite crystals which eventually improves the texture and mechanical properties of the eggshell. SHELLVIN promotes the synthesis of calcium-binding protein which deposits the calcium carbonate crystals uniformly to strengthen the eggshell.

Benefits of ShellVin

– Optimizes egg production & size

– Increases hatchability percentage

– Improves eggshell quality and decreases egg breakage


– Commercial layers: 500 g / tonne of feed


– 1000 g / tonne of feed for 1 week in case of severe egg cracking.


– As directed by a veterinarian

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