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Organic binder for high grade pelleting

Feed is the largest component in livestock production, which constitutes between 60 – 70 % of the total operating costs of the farm. Feeds can either be pelleted or extruded, having particles of high durability to withstand handling and transportation. Pellets with bad qualities easily disintegrate causing feed wastage and increasing production cost thus, it is essential to produce pellets with excellent qualities and durability.

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Pelletovin is an all-purpose, organic, thermo-reactive binder that is stable at room temperatures and therefore will mix well with other feed ingredients. In aquaculture, pellets should possess high water stability to minimize disintegration and loss of nutrients upon exposure to water. Pelletovin helps to improve water durability of pellets, stable operating conditions, with fewer blockages and more constant resistance in the die, which leads to less variation and reduced fines in the finished product

Benefits of Pelletovin

– Improve water stability of aquatic feeds

– Better binding capacity

– Strengthen pellets, improve pellet integrity and durability of the finished feeds

– Reduced dusting and run time

– Lower energy consumption / higher production rate

– Optimum nutrients protection

– Reduces pellet die friction


– Effective at low inclusion levels

– Does not react with nutrients in feed

– Improves the ease of feed handling and storage

– Non-toxic and has no residual effects

– Non-hygroscopic


– 0.25% – 1% per MT of feed

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