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For poultry farmers searching for feed acidifiers, ZYMOFF contains natural ingredients which eliminate the colonization of pathogenic bacteria by disrupting their enzyme systems in the gut of birds.

Mechanism of Action

ZYMOFF is a blend of organic acids which uses selected natural components for increasing cell wall permeability of pathogens to disrupt the enzyme systems required for survival, thus resulting in a bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. Coated elements as a part of the composition, ensures the product to reach to the lower GIT of monogastric livestock in its active form. The feed acidifier targeted to eliminate the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut of poultry. ZYMOFF targets salmonella, E. coli and controls the shedding of the same in the droppings.

Benefits of Zymoff

– Improved cellular integrity

– Low inclusion rate

– Growth promoter

– Direct energy to intestinal cell

– Maintains optimal pH

– Improved FCR

– Prevents mycotoxicosis

– Cell wall disruption


– 500 gm per ton of feed

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