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vinsorb-bio - Improve liver health in poultry - Increase weight gain in broilers - Increased egg production in chicken

For poultry farmers looking for mycotoxin management, VINSORB-BIO is a unique blend of high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mould inhibitors, and anti-fungal elements having high levels of toxin binding properties and many silent features.

Mechanism of Action

Mycotoxin Adsorption

Rapid Detoxification – Mycotoxins are detoxified rapidly and excreted via feces.

Multiple toxin binding – Binds wide range of mycotoxins without impairing nutrient bioavailability.

Liver Protection

Combats secondary effects of mycotoxins – Aflatoxins decrease ability to metabolize fat, protein and starch. The fatty infiltration of liver due to aflatoxins is also prevented due to lipotropic agents present in VINSORB – BIO.

Mould Inhibition

Mould Inhibition – Buffered organic acids and elemental copper in VINSORB – BIO enhances pre-feeding effectiveness by controlling major mycotoxin producing fungi in the feeds.

Feed Mill Friendly

Low inclusion rate yet easy to mix uniformly. Non corrosive in nature.

No affinity for vitamins, minerals, etc. Thus, no wastage of nutrients.

Benefits of Vinsorb-Bio

– Mortality reduction

– Improved feed intake

– Increased weight gain

– Better FCR

– Increased egg production


– Poultry – Broilers / Layers / Breeders: 500 g to 2 kg per tonne of feed

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