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Poultry farmers searching for a multipurpose alternative to in-organic acids, VINCID-WSA  acts like non-AGPs and controls enteric pathogens, improves water quality, enhances absorption and digestion of nutrients.

Mechanism of Action

Organic acids can act as a source of carbon and energy as well as inhibitory agents and this action depends upon the concentration of organic acid, its ability to enter the bacterial cell and capacity of a microorganism to metabolize the organic acid. Non dissociated form of organic acids is lipophilic in nature and it can only enter the bacterial cells. Once it enters the bacterial cell, due to the neutral pH of the bacterial cytoplasm it readily converts into dissociated form and releases H+ and A- ions which reduce the cellular pH of the bacterial cell.

Decarboxylases and Catalases are the target enzymes of organic acids and their inhibition finally disrupt the glycolysis of bacteria and anion portion of organic acid becomes toxic inside the cell. It prevents the growth and invasion of pathogenic bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, and Clostridium infections.

Benefits of VinCID-WSA

– Strong effect against enteropathogens

– Reduces contamination in drinking water

– Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients


– 1g per 5 litre of drinking water

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