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For poultry farmers searching for probiotics, NOVAPRO is a stable replacement for antibiotics able to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria specially designed for breeders, broilers, and layers and helps relieve intestinal disturbances.

Mechanism of Action

– Oxygen consumption – these aerobic microbes create a more favorable environment for benevolent anaerobic species

– Enhance proliferation of lactobacilli – which in turn produces lactic acid that helps control pathogenic bacteria.

– Enzyme production – through the release of proteases and many other enzymes that these germinating and outgrowing spores assist in the food digestion process

– Enhanced immune responses

Benefits of NovaPro

– Probiotics stay viable in water for a longer duration

– It has proven compatibility with antibiotics, anti-microbial growth promoters, coccidiostats, and acidifiers

– Supports gut health and immune system

– Can withstand pH fluctuations from 3.8 to 9.5

– No withdrawal period and can be administered throughout the lifecycle


– 1 g per litre of drinking water

– 150 – 200 g/tone of feed

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