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For poultry farmers searching for nephromodulators, NEPHRONOVA is a unique treatment for kidney-related problems comprising of natural phytoactive compounds

Mechanism of Action

NEPHRONOVA is a unique combination of nephromodulators, gout-preventing herbs, and diuretics specifically designed for flushing out the urate depositions and restoring the uric acid metabolism in the birds. It also initiates a rapid rejuvenation of the renal tissues in case of Urolithiasis and reduces the production losses caused due to gout.

Benefits of Nephronova

– Helps to prevent visceral and articular gout

– Prevents early chick mortality due to gout

– Helps in the excretion of uric acid from the body

– Maintains optimal kidney health & natural diuretics

– Removes metabolic waste and excess water & washes out toxins

– Increases immunity and prevents the formation of calculi


(For Poultry – per 100 birds in drinking water)
– Chicks: 5 ml per day
– Broilers: 10 ml per day
– Layers & Breeders: 20 ml per day


As recommended by the veterinarian.

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