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Herbo C Logo - Anti-Stress Feed Supplement for Poultry - antioxidant feed supplements for poultry in India

For poultry farmers seeking natural stress buster, HERBO-C is a rich natural source of Vitamin-C which acts as an immunomodulator, stress buster, improves collagen biosynthesis and egg quality.

Mechanism of Action

Herbo C is a natural source of vitamin C for birds which acts as an immunomodulator and anxiolytic in birds. It is also a rich source of antioxidants which helps in optimizing the body’s resistance against various infectious diseases and reduce mortality in young chicks.

Herbo C works as an antioxidant by giving electrons to free radicals. It enhances the chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and control of reactive oxygen species which ultimately leads to microbial killing. Therefore, it helps to guard against recurrent infections in flock.

Herbo C plays a role in the differentiation of connective tissue such as muscle, cartilage, and bone-derived from mesenchyme (embryonic cells capable of developing into connective tissue). Vitamin C is a necessary cofactor for the bioconversion of vitamin D to its active form 1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol. Therefore, it helps in improving eggshell strength in layer birds.

Benefits of Herbo-C

– Herbo C is a natural immunity booster feed additive for birds

– It helps in optimizing the production of immunoglobulins, antibodies, and other immune components in birds

– It helps in the biosynthesis of collagen, which is utilized for the wear and tear process in birds

– It is a natural antioxidant for birds

– It is natural anti-stress and apoptogenic for chicks and birds

– It helps in reducing the early chick mortality

– It improves vaccination response

– It helps in increasing bird performance and production


– 150-250 gm per ton of feed regularly Or

As per the directions by the Veterinarian or Nutritionist

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