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For poultry farmers needing effective anti-microbial, DYNOC-12 is a natural anti-microbial capable of resiliencing pathogenic bacterias and contributes in overall growth and development.

Mechanism of Action

Undissociated Medium Chain Fatty Acids(MCFA) penetrate the cell membrane and enters the cytoplasm, where it dissociates into charged anions (negatively charged species) and protons (positively charged species) thereby altering the hydrogen ion equilibrium inside the cell and raising the pH. In general hydrogen ions are not able to enter the cells due to their polarity. However, treatment with DynoC-12 which causes membrane damage to the bacterial cells allows free passage of hydrogen ions into the cells through these pores. This leads to the disruption of the pH homeostasis, ultimately exhibiting its antibacterial action. When treated with DynoC-12, gram-negative bacteria like Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli, show disorganized cytoplasm followed by cell degeneration.

Benefits of Dynoc-12

– DynoC-12 is a source of energy that is readily utilized by intestinal cells

– Maintains cell functionality that leads to improved absorption of micro and macro minerals

– Strongly inhibits gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative, fungi, and yeast

– Confers a positive effect on villi/crypt ratio and goblet cells

– Improves growth rate, weight, and feed conversion ratio

– It improves lean muscle percent which helps to produce quality meat and reduce cholesterol levels in meat and eggs

– DynoC-12 has positive effects on improving fiber digestibility


– 100 – 300 g per tonne of feed

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