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For Extended Feed Life & Quality

Among the several dietary factors, antioxidants have special significance in maintaining animal health, productive and reproductive performance of farm animals and poultry. Nutrient oxidation is a natural process and occurs in feedstuffs, resulting in the rancidity of fats, destruction of vitamins A, D, and E, pigments (carotenoids), and amino acids. The oxidation modifies the organoleptic qualities and increases the nutrition deficiencies of feed.

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DONATOR is the unique blend of antioxidants specifically formulated to protect and stabilize compound feeds and protect fat-soluble vitamins from deterioration. It is an excellent antioxidant to protect lipid compounds, increase product shelf life and preserve its freshness and active ingredients. The high antioxidant power of DONATOR is the result of the synergy between its active ingredients, which are naturally present in the product. DONATOR provides stability to fats, oils, as well as other components that incorporate pigments, vitamins or essential fay acids susceptible to oxidation, thereby maintaining the quality of products.

Benefits of Donator

– Protects lipids in premixes and feeds

– Protects lipids in raw materials

– Preserve the nutritive value of lipids by slowing down rancidity

– Wide spectrum antioxidant activity

– Extend palatability of raw materials and feeds for long time periods


– Increases shelf-life and maintains the freshness of the products

– Effective at low doses

– Superior dispersing ability

– Does not alter product palatability

– Stable at high temperatures


– In compound feed – 125 g to 150 g per MT of feed

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