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For cattle farmers, VINYEAST is a unique combination of Live Yeast Culture which influences ruminal metabolism and optimizes ruminal health for adequate functioning.

Mechanism of Action

Live yeast stimulates the growth of microbial anaerobes and cellulolytic bacteria. They improve fiber digestion, reduce lactate accumulation, reduce the concentration of oxygen in rumen fluid, and improves utilization of starch supplied in the ration. Thus, they influence the stability of the rumen environment and improve the intensity of digestion. It increases the number of rumen protozoa and improves neutral detergent fiber digestion. LYC supplementations can beneficially alter nitrogen metabolism in the rumen which is reflected in the lower ammonia concentration and increased flow of microbial protein from the rumen to intestines for digestion.

Benefits of Vinyeast

– Increases the milk yield by 500 ml to 1 litre per day

– Increases butterfat yield

– Improves fibre digestion to get maximum production of VFA’s

– Provides more amino acids to the animal and increases the supply of microbial protein to intestines which saves the cost of bypass protein

– Less lactic acid and less methane is produced

– Increases dry matter digestibility

– Optimizes ruminal health


– 1kg – 3kg per tonne of feed


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