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For cattle farmers looking for mycotoxin management, VINSORB-BIO is a unique blend of high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mold inhibitors, and anti-fungal elements having high levels of toxin binding properties and many salient features.

Mechanism of Action

VinSorb-Bio is a blend of natural herbs which helps in preventing toxicity in animals. The high-grade mycotoxin adsorbents, mold inhibitors and anti-fungal elements along with lipotropic agents make VinSorb – Bio a very effective binder for high levels of toxins and where the nature of toxin is unknown or its presence is uncertain.

Benefits of Vinsorb-BIO

– Mould Inhibitor

– Broad spectrum toxin binder

– Helps in stimulating the proliferation of hepatocytes

– Helps in rejuvenating the damage live

– Control an-nutrition factor


– 0.5 – 2 kg per MT of feed


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