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For cattle farmers seeking healthy newborn calves, NeoStart strikes the right balance by providing essential probiotics vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and colostrum

Mechanism of Action

It provides new-born calves, the vital elements needed from the first hours of their life like:

– Energy in the form of digestible sugars and essential fatty acids

– Essential vitamins necessary for the metabolic functions

– Bovine specific multi-strain probiotics to aid in digestive colonization with beneficial bacteria enabling it to grow to its full genetic potential

– Colostrum to strengthen immune systems

– A precision prebiotic that serves as a nutrient source to help beneficial bacteria successfully colonize in the gut

Benefits of NeoStart

– Supports the immune system

– Improves appetite in new-born calves

– Stimulates activity and improves vigour

– Maximizes growth and development


NEOSTART is available in paste and powder form.

– The paste formulation is orally administered to the newborn calves by a syringe (20 g / 40 g). One syringe per calf in the first hours after birth. For the weakest calves, who do not suckle, do not drink, or who had a difficult birth, repeat with a second syringe after 24 hours.

– The powder formulation is mixed with milk and given to the calf at the same rate or as suggested by the veterinarian.



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