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For cattle farmers seeking a solution for negative energy balance, NEBCORR helps cows to maintain their energy balance and improves body condition score (BCS).

Mechanism of Action

Modern high-yielding dairy cows enter a state of negative energy balance (NEB) around calving when the energy demand for maintenance and lactation exceeds that of dietary energy intake. To overcome this energy demand Nebcorr is fortified with essential nutrients which helps dairy cows to maintain a positive energy balance after calving and at the start of lactation. Rumen stable lipids and protein provides instant energy and essential amino acids required for growth and maintenance. Live yeast culture in NEBCORR assists in better digestibility of nutrients. Calcium precursors help to maintain optimum calcium levels and support milk production.

Benefits of Nebcorr

– For effectively treating milk fever, ketosis, stress, and poor milk production.

– Improves feed intake and conception rate of AI

– Improves Body Condition Score (BCS)


– Large Animals:
– 100g / day before calving (for 21 days)
– 100g 2 times/day after calving (for 10 days)
– 100g / day for next 30 days

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