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Kifay is an adequate amino acid optimizer providing cattle with a rich and adequate supply of amino acids.

Mechanism of Action

KiFAY, an amino acid optimizer, enhances protein synthesis by reducing protein catabolism and protecting the amino acids from degradation. KiFAY also increases retention of protein in the body which helps in improved production, live weight gain, and immunity. It affects circulating IGF-1 levels, where more unbound IGF-1 levels are available for the cells. The IGF-1 mediates protein turnover rates whereby increased levels translate to faster protein synthesis and amino acid uptake by cells from the blood. Normally all digestibility enhancers, purified protein or chemical amino acids act at the levels of the intestine, whereas KiFAY acts at the level of cells, pulling more amino acids into protein synthesis. This reduces the amino acid concentration diverted to degradation.

Benefits of KiFAY

– Improved milk protein – 2 to 3 % improved milk protein yield

– Improved milk SNF – 3 to 4 % improved SNF yield

– Improved milk yield – 4 to 5 % improved milk yield

– Enhanced immunity

– Increased palatability of food – 5 to 6 % improved DMI (Dry matter intake)

– Improved dung texture


Cow and Buffalo:
– 1 tablet/bolus per animal per day

– 2 Kg per tonne of feed


Sheep and Goat:
– 1/2 tablet/bolus per animal per day

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