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For cattle farmers seeking a solution for hypocalcemia, HERBOCAL is a specially designed product that improves calcium availability in the blood.

Mechanism of Action

HERBOCAL is a specially designed product for quick and sustained calcium supplementation. It supports the high calcium demand and maintains serum Ca levels during peak lactations and pregnancy. After adding to water, it quickly disintegrates to form a thick liquid for easy oral administration.

Benefits of HerboCAL

– Contains multiple sources of calcium for optimal absorption

– Provides sustained release of calcium

– Enhances milk production and fat content due to herbs with galactagogue properties


– Add 4 tablets to 1 litre of water to make an oral liquid calcium solution

– Lactating Cow 100 – 250 ml per animal per day Or 1 Tablet per animal per day

mixed in 250 ml of water

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