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For cattle farmers searching for calf milk replacer, CALFVIN is a novel milk replacer that provides a novel nutritional balance for pre-ruminant calves in the juvenile state.

Mechanism of Action

CALFVIN is a novel calf milk replacer formulated to meet the growth requirement and for the rumen development of calves. It contains a variety of ingredients targeted for precise daily dietary nutrients and energy requirements of the calves. When fed, calves grow faster on CALFVIN as compared to the whole milk from cows.

Benefits of Calfvin

– This novel composition works as a nutritional balance in the calf

– It helps to maintain a proper rate of daily body weight gain

– It enhances the functional capacity of the calf in years to come

– It promotes timely puberty in the calf

– The formulation provides most of the essential nutrients to the calf

– It is also safe for long-term use, as it has no side effects


– Add 125g of CALFVIN in 1litre of warm water (50 ºC) to make 1litre of reconstituted milk (the equivalent of whole milk).

– Start offering CALFVIN at 5 to 7 days and then increase gradually.

– For first 10 days replace only one-time feeding of whole milk with CALFVIN (reconstituted milk). By next week also replace the second time feeding.

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