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For aqua farmers searching for probiotics, VINYEAST is our unique blend rich in Vitamins such as biotin, thiamine, and folic acid and capable of improving FCR, building immunity, reducing stress & mortality, and increasing weight.

Mechanism of Action

Vinyeast is a product consisting of live yeast culture derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This is extensively used in aquatic farm animals because of its nutritional content and easy supply in dried form. It improves FCR by improving intestinal health and increasing beneficial microbiota. The yeast shows immunomodulatory effects which strengthen the defense systems, vitality and reduces mortalities.

Benefits of VinYeast

– Improves feed conversion ratio for  higher profitability

– Builds up immunity  against major pathogens

– Reduces stress and thus mortality

– Increases the length and weight of shrimp


– Shrimp / Prawns: 2 to 5 kg/tonne of feed

– Fish: 1 to 3 kg/tonne of feed



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