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Out of various infectious diseases that have caused devastating collapses of the shrimp industry, Hepatopancreatic Microsporidiosis (HPM) caused by Enterocytozoon hepatopananei (EHP) is the most difficult to control. There is no effective treatment available with shrimp farmers and is very difficult to eradicate once the spores get settled in the ponds. For such aqua farmers, REHPAIRO is a biotechnological innovation that prevents adhesion of Enterocytozoon hepatopanaei (EHP) spore wall to tubule epithelial cells, interrupts/blocks infection procedure, enhances shrimp digestive system, and improves health conditions.

Mechanism of Action

– The Phyto-active components of REHPAIRO prevent adhesion of the EHP spore wall and the tubule epithelial cells of shrimp hepatopancreas

– Checks virulence of EHP spores by killing them outside the cell or in the gut lumen

– Interrupts the polar tube extension to the host cell by digesting the polar tube components, thereby blocking the infection procedure

– Enhances the recovery of shrimp digestive system and improves the health condition

Benefits of Rehpairo

– Assists in activating the function of hepatopancreas

– Aids in control of Enterocytozoon hepatopanaei (EHP) / Hepatopancreatic Microsporidiosis (HPM) / White Feces Syndrome (WFS) in shrimps

– Helps in achieving faster growth, resolves growth retardation and increases pond biomass.


– For Feed Millers: 1.5 – 2 kg per tonne of feed

– For Shrimp Ponds: 2 g / kg of shrimp feed
(For ideal results, mix in all meals per day)

– OR As recommended by Aquaculture Consultants.

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